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How would you like to be the NUMBER ONE listing when someone goes to a search engine?

Great, isn't it? But, you may have been contemplating about the best way to get there. All said and done, you may have an idea about what SEO is about. However, wouldn't it be great to learn SEO and become a pro? Ok, now there are many secrets that SEO pros may not want you to know. However, Road2SEO's guide to SEO is quite candid on letting you in on all the secrets.

Through our SEO guide, you will learn how to PULL in traffic to your website. Not just occasionally, but on a constant basis. You will see how learning SEO is easy when you read our guide. Rest assured, this is not just another search engine optimization book that you can simply add to your collection. SEO is more than just a bunch of strategies with a few tips and tricks for good measure. In fact, SEO is an art that can be mastered over time and has the power to help you build a solid online presence. Read this SEO eBook and you will soon need to host your website on a better server to cope with the traffic to your website.

You don't need SEO books to tell you that search engines drive an enormous amount of traffic to your site. However, what we can show you are the secrets to effectively elevate your site through these search engines. Here is an SEO eBook that not only helps you learn search engine optimization but also teaches you how to create a powerful pipeline that drives a steady flow of traffic to your site.

Among the secrets you will learn is to get your site to the top using competitive keywords. In addition, you can learn ways to get your website noticed by potential clients even when they aren't looking for you. Now, these are secrets definitely worth knowing. Don't you think it is worth knowing how you could get multiple listings on the same search engine? You will need to read the SEO eBook if you want to know the strategy behind it. Now this is really called success at your fingertips.

Make no mistake; keyword stuffing can lead to your website being banned by search engines. You may be aware of this but may often tend to disregard it. If you are looking for instant results, then you obviously need to know that there is no way anyone can achieve instant results. Can you imagine a billion websites being promised the number one spot? It just isn't possible.

Through our SEO book, you will learn all about SEO strategies and the time it does take to produce results. Moreover, it is not about getting to the top the fastest. What is more important is retaining your website's position in search engines and moving up to better placing over time. While there are plenty of strategies, you need to learn about those that are most effective, for which you need to get hold of our SEO guide.

SEO Book, With Road2SEO you will discover

A new road to success. Mapped out in detail to guide you along the way. Whether you're interested in a career as an SEO (search engine optimization) professional, or just want to arm yourself with the tools to make your ecommerce venture a success, Road 2 SEO is the way to go.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself and tell you what SEO has done for me. After a failed marriage, a business in the toilet and facing bankruptcy I had two choices, hide under my bed or get on my feet and move forward. The hardest thing in life is to move on, and most people seem to have only one shot at success, after that they spend the rest of their lives in the past, wondering, What went wrong?

I took a good look at myself and decided that I would start over. The experience of failure in my personal and professional life gave me a greater understanding of what I wanted and where I wanted to go. I came to understand that in order to succeed I had to follow my own dreams, I couldn't be held to the dreams of others. I truly believe that was my downfall the first time I set out to succeed.

The family business, the girl mom would love, the car that would brand me a winner, all good, but, was that what I would have chosen? Looking back, probably so, the family business was dad's baby, his creation, there was no way I could walk in his shoes. The girl mom would love, was lovable, maybe it was the wrong place, wrong time. I don't regret or blame anyone, not even myself for what went wrong. If not for that time in my life I would not be here offering you my secret to SEO success, if I could do it, so can you.

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SEO Guide, Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization
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Learning SEO, Los Angeles Search Engine Marketing

I spent quite some time searching and wondering what I would do with the rest of my life. I knew that whatever it was, it would have to be something I was passionate about. Sitting at my computer, searching through the Internet for nothing in particular, I began to wonder how it all worked. What makes this highly technical forum so mysterious and yet so accessible to the world? I began researching, taking courses and before I knew it I had found the passion Id been looking for.

It's no wonder that my interest spiked the moment I notice the potential goldmine. I could safely say that at no other time in history, in no other arena, has there ever been an even playing field for small business and up and coming entrepreneur to compete with big business. I am here to tell you how.

Search engines have absolutely no ligancy to any particular business, product, service or brand. The only thing that gains a search engines attention, and in turn creates traffic and potential client to a website, is the popularity of a site. Could be the only place in the world where money doesn't rule, or at least a business can't buy the best location in town. Popularity, traffic and exposure are the way to the top on the Internet. The question then would be: How to popularize a website? The answer is, SEO.

And that's what I'm here to teach you. I have formulated a comprehensive step-by-step teaching format that allows anyone to understand, master and profit from the world of ecommerce. I have enjoyed my journey, but let me tell you that it has cost me a fortune. I have spent thousands of dollars in educating myself in the field of SEO, it wasn't easy and it certainly wasn't cheap. Now I realize it didn't have to be that way.

The great "pitch" most schools, that by the way charge thousands of dollars, would have you believe that there's no other way to achieve success in the SEO field if not for their teaching. I'm here to tell you they're wrong. For pennies on the dollar I will teach you everything you need to know. What's even more I will give you a 7-day money back guarantee. If you start on the Road 2 SEO and aren't completely satisfied, you get your money back. No questions asked. That's how sure I am that my comprehensive technique for creating, maintaining and profiting from Search Engine Optimization is exactly what you've been looking for.

Ecommerce has taken the world by storm. There is certainly good reason for it. Imagine being able to conduct business and earn a living from anywhere in the world. There is something alluring about not having to work from 9 to 5, not having a boss looking over your shoulder. The freedom to take a break or even a vacation on your terms not someone else's. You're probably still asking, How?

Your Road2SEO ebook has the answers at a glance.

Let's take a look at what you'll get with this amazing learn as you go revolutionary teaching concept.

Search Engine Optimization Book, Road2SEO Book

Road2SEO has a total of 12 Chapters to help you achieve Top Ten Rankings with over 700 + pages!

Chapter 1: Search Engines, We will cover the following in this chapter: Historical Background of Search Engine Optimization, The Initial Period, A Change and the Advent of Google, The Google Era The Most Comprehensive Search, Find the Search Engine, How Search Engines Rank Pages, Learn about Crawlers and Directories International Directory of Search Engines, Features Comparative Analysis, Strategies, News and Reviews, Viral Marketing, Customer Outreach via Social Media and Blog, The Optimum Tool for Website Promotion, Search Engine Spam Classification, Search Engine Spam And other Industry Professionals, Improving The Volume And Quality Of Traffic, Professional SEO Companies, Manual Directory, Article Submission and Social Book Marking, Top 10 SEO Tips For Best Ranking, Search Engine Optimization Tools, Webmaster Guidelines With Search Engine Operation, and An In-depth Analysis of Google Webmaster Central.

Chapter 2: On-Page SEO, We will cover the following in this chapter: Techniques for Optimizing Landing Page Content, Granularity In Landing Page Optimization, Are You Doing All, Grow through Keyword Research, Learn About Keyword Research Tools For SEO Search Engine Keyword Research, List of Keyword Analyzer Tools, Keyword Ideas Search Google Adwords Keyword Tool, HTML Meta Tags, HTML Meta Tags And Using Them, HTML Meta Elements, The Global Structure of a HTML Document, Definition of Anchor Text, Develop Anchor Text Links, Using Anchor Text in Search Engine Optimization, Anchor Text Guidelines For Enhancing Page Rank, Usefulness Of Anchor Text Link In Link Directory, Web Page Content Optimization, Optimize Website Content, Content Optimization And Its Best Practices, Content Optimization Tools, Keyword Density, Keyword Density Tools, Keyword Density Frequency Checker, Options That Affect Keyword Density In SE Rankings, Keyword Suggestion Tool And Live Keyword Density Analysis, Theme Setting In SEO, Importance Of Theme Setting In Search Engine Marketing, Learn abut REL = No Follow, Quick Tips on reel = no follow, Off-Page Optimization Strategies, Factors That Determine Off-Page Optimization, and How does Off-Page Optimization Help In SEO.

Chapter 3: Off Page Optimization, We will cover the following in this chapter: Off-Page Optimization Tips, Off-Page Techniques And General Misconception, Article Submissions As A Marketing Tool, Tips On Effective Article Writing, Article Writing And Submission, Avoid Common Mistakes In Article Writing, Consistent SEO Article Writing Services, Press Releases And Their Significance, Press Releases As An SEO Tool, Press Releases For Generating Publicity, Press Releases - A Marketing Tool, Free Press Release Distribution Sites, Social Networking, Social Networking Sites, Create Your Own Social Networking Website, Facebook - A Social Networking Site, Social Networking Sites Operate As A SEO Tool, What Is RSS, Learn How RSS / Atom Feeds Uncover The Current URLs, RSS Feeds Networking On Your Site, Google RSS Feeds For Optimizing A Website, RSS Feeds Directory And Free RSS Widgets, Anchor Text Links, Anchor Text Tips, Create HTML Anchor Text Links, Inbound Links And Overall Link Building, Back Link Anchor Text, and Anchor Alt Text and Anchor Links.

Chapter 4: Technical Aspects Of SEO, We will cover the following in this chapter: Technical Aspects of Search Engine Optimization, Web Designing Technicalities, Technicalities Of Search Engine Optimization, Website Functions As Promotional Vehicle, Various Aspects of "C" Class Hosting, Multiple "C" Class IP Hosting With SEO, What Is C# Compiler And C# Delegates, IP Addresses And Their Impact On Search Engines, Error Page Definition - Explore the Concept, 404 Errors, Redirects 301 and Redirects 302, Permanent Redirect 301 Versus Temporary Redirect 302, Server Redirects 301 and 302, Use 301 Redirects Over 302 Redirects, Introduction To Robots .txt File, Developing Robots.Txt File, The Robots .txt Generator, Block Pages Using Robots.txt File, Google Webmaster Tools, Webmaster Resources For Google, Google Webmaster Tools And How They Help SEO, Google Business Solution By Using Webmaster Tools, Review Guide On Google Webmaster Tools, Define Google Analytics, Google Analytics And How To Use The Tool, Site Map Creation, Learn About The Benefits Of HTML Site Maps In SEO, XML Site Maps, Create Site Maps And Site Feeds, Unique IP Hosting, and Web Hosting For Personal Requirements.

Chapter 5: Google And Other Web Marketing Factors, We will cover the following in this chapter: Define Google Page Rank, How To Check Google Page Rank, How Page Rank Affects Any Website, Google Page Rank Finder Software, Learn About Alexa Ranking, Alexa Information And Alexa Toolbar, Tips for Increasing Alexa Rank, Alexa Rank Comparison Tool, Search Engine Spamming, Latest Search Engine Spam Techniques, Search Engine Traffic Share, Natural Traffic Share Versus Paid Search, Google Increases Traffic Share, Search Engine Market Share, Latest Search Engine Traffic Share Statistics, Search Engines And Directories, Search Engine Submission And Web Directories, Search Engine Submission, Blogging And Creation Of Free Blogs, Blogging Tips For Business And Their Advantages, How To Obtain Natural Links To One's Website, How Links Help Website Achieve First Page Ranking, Podcasting System, Podcast Directory And Its Utility, Classify And Create Podcasts, Video Marketing Techniques, Video Marketing - How it is Different from Internet Marketing, Powerful Video Marketing, Deep Linking in Articles, Plagiarism And Duplication of Content, Plagiarism Software Tools, Plagiarism In Search Engines, Forum Posts And Its Operations, Forum Post Classification, Sub Domains And How To Create Them, Utilities Of Sub Domains And Configuration, "Bread Crumbs" In Web Design, Strong Tags In HTML And Its Utility, Hand Submissions, and Hand Submissions And Services.

Chapter 6: How To Rank High In Search Engines, We will cover the following in this chapter: Search Engine Ranking Factors by SEO Masters, Achieve Top Ten Positions In Search Engines, Canonical Tag, Canonical Link Elements, Canonical Tags In Dealing With Duplicate Content, Define Search Engine Optimization Tools, Tools To Help In Search Engine Rankings, Search Engine Optimization Tools, Search Engine Optimization Software, Search Engine Optimization Software Helps In Web Marketing, Effective SEO Software, Define "Spiders" , How do Spiders Work, Search Engine "Spiders" With Valuable Tips, What are Meta Tags, Meta Tags Help In Search Engine Promotion, Learn About Meta Tags In HTML, Define Meta Tag Generator, How do Search Engines Rank Web Pages, Free Website Ranking In Search Engines and Directories, Helpful Tips On Picking Keywords, How To Pick Relevant Keywords, Common Mistakes People Make While Picking Keywords, Learn How To Define Your Niche, Niche Marketing, Defining Your Niche Market, Research Keywords Effectively, Keyword Research Tools For SEO, Keyword Analysis, Keyword Analysis Research Helps In SEO, Keyword Analysis Tools And Software, Keyword Density Analyzer Tool, Keyword Density, Importance of HTML In Business, HTML Importance In Web Pages, HTML Tags In Search Engine Optimization, Importance Of CSS In Web Development, CSS And Open Standard For Web Design, Define Duplicate Content, Duplicate Content Checker And Filter, Duplicate Content And the Penalties, Local Search Optimization, Local Search Engine Optimization Tips, And Website Architecture.

Chapter 7: SEO Technicalities You Can't Avoid, We will cover the following in this chapter: Age Of your Domain And the Role Of Domain Age, Gauge The Importance Of Domain Age, The Robots.txt Site Map, Web Submission, Directory Submission And Services, Free Directory Submission Service and Software, An Overview of Web Analytics, Various Web Analytics Association And Their Tools And Strategies, Top Ten Best Flash Websites, Award Winning Flash Websites, How To Create Cool Flash Website, Define Framed Pages, Framed Pages For Making Navigability Easier, Pros And Cons of HTML Frames, Optimize Framed Pages For Top Rankings, What are Dynamic Sites, The Uses Of Dynamic Websites, Create Dynamic Websites, Dynamic Site Pages, What is Link Marketing, Link Marketing Services, Social Media Networking And Link Marketing, Link Marketing And Link Building, Link Quality Analysis, Link Quality And Link Building, Quality Link Software, Google Page Rank, Google Page Rank And Google Page Rank Calculator, Content Distribution Services, Content Delivery Network, Free Coral Content Distribution Network, What is Article Marketing, Free Article Marketing And Niche Article Marketing, Develop Press Releases And Their Utility, A Detailed Analysis Of RSS Feeds, Blogs and Forums, Utilities Of Blogs And Forums, Social Media Marketing, Social Media And How It Revolutionized Web Marketing, Social Media Marketing As An Effective Business Tool, Search Engine Ranking Reports, Website Ranking Reports And Ranking Software, Define Spamming, Analysis Of Spamming Techniques, What is Black Hat, Black Hat Techniques, "Black Hat", Assess Difference With "White Hat", Black-Hat Techniques vs White-Hat Techniques, Some Spamming Methods, Advanced Spamming Techniques, Optimizing The Web Page Layout, Social Media Spamming, Get Back Links From Other Blogs Or Websites, Gray Hat SEO, Define SEO Ethics, Guidelines on SEO Ethics, and "White Hat" SEO Ethics Support Progressive Business.

Chapter 8: SEO And Google, We will cover the following in this chapter: Getting Started With Optimization For Google, Develop Exclusive And Compelling Page Headlines, Expert Tips For Web Page Title Tags, Avail Of The "Description" Meta Tag, Methods For Description Meta Tags, Procedures For URL Composition, Develop A Navigation-Friendly Website, Effective Methodology For Easier Navigability Of Sites, When A Web User Eliminates A Portion Of The URL, Techniques For Graphical Representations, Practices Of Robots.txt, A Proven Method For Robot.txt, Methods Of Advertising Websites, Free Webmaster Tools, Web Analytics And Services.

Chapter 9: Advanced SEO Strategies, We will cover the following in this chapter: Directives For Appropriate Application Of SEO, Selecting Highly Targeted Keywords, Rank Tracker: Extracts Top Quality Keywords Within Minutes, Listing The Most Cost Effective Keywords, How To Select The Best Keywords, How Keywords Help In Website Ranking, Evaluate The Role Of Rank Checker In SEO, Some Key Points On Keyword Analysis, Keyword Research Tools, Keyword Research Analysis Is Vital For SEO, Keyword Density Analyzer Tool, Create Awareness In Search Engines, Major Factors Determining Off-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization Strategies, The Role of Off-Page Optimization in SEO, Check The Popularity Of Websites, Techniques Of Submitting A Website To Search Engines, Developing Search Engine Friendly Sites, More On Developing Search Engine Friendly Sites, SEO by Multiple "C" Class IP Hosting, URL Re-Direction - Compare 301 with 302, Robots.txt File and How To Create One, The Utility Of Robots.txt File And How It Is Used, Process By Which Robots.txt File Blocks Web Pages, In-Bound Links: An Appraisal, Role of Flash, Javascript and "No Frames" on Web Page, Key Elements Of Website Architecture, Features Of Good Flash Websites, "Frame" Pages And Making Navigability Easier, HTML Frames And Their Impact On Search Engine Optimization, Create Text Links Instead Of Images, The Importance Of CSS In Web Development, Importance Of HTML In Web Design, Web Designing Technicalities, Guidelines On Sitemaps And Site Feeds, On-Page Optimization, Landing Pages And Their Impact, Granularity In Landing Page Optimization, Picking The Best Keywords For Landing Page, Landing Page Optimization And Google Ranking, Importance Of Keyword Density In SEO, Keyword Density Affects Search Engine Ranking, Keyword Density Analysis And Keyword Suggestion Tools, Keyword Density Checker And Keyword Frequency Check, On-Page Optimization Guidelines, Website Auditor, Guidelines On Content Optimization, Importance of Meta Tags In SEO, Meta Description Tags, HTML Strong Tags And Its Utility in SEO, Composing Content, Factors Determining Content Optimization, Content Optimization Tools, Meta Tag Generator, H1 And H2 Texts In HTML, Importance Of HTML "Alt Text" For Search Engines, Develop Anchor Text Links, Importance Of Anchor Text Links In SEO, HTML Anchor Text Links Affect Page Ranking, Inbound Links And Link Building, Sitemaps For Search Engines, Off-Page Optimization, Importance Of Links In SEO, Obtaining Quality Links, Importance Of Rel=no follow Tag And Its Utility, Link Quality, Google Page Rank And Its Relation With Link Quality, Natural Link Building And Link Exchange, Guidelines On Cost Free Link Management, and Concepts Of Search Engine Marketing.

Chapter 10: Advanced Google Techniques, We will cover the following in this chapter: Features In Google Friend Connect, Personalized Features Of Google Social Web Blog, Web Evolves Into A Social Website, Heavy Traffic Zone, Verify That Your Website is Indexed By Google, New Keyword User Interface, RDFa Helps In Improving Web Functioning, Micro Formats And Their Role In Internet, Basic Instruction For Google Rich Snippet, and Google Indexes The Personal Mobile Site.

Chapter 11: Informative Guidelines For Writers, We will cover the following in this chapter: The SEO Writing Guidelines.

Chapter 12: Tony's Internet marketing Checklist Plus Helpful Links, We will cover the following in this chapter: An Overview of Marketing Your Website.

As you may have noticed, the Internet has created a language all its own. It is imperative to know these terms, their function and their interaction with one another in order to understand how it all works.

You may be wondering what differs Road2SEO ebook from all the other programs out there. Before I put this program together I went out into the real world and consulted with a variety of people in different stages of their ecommerce knowledge and experience. From the most novice I understood that they had no idea how a search engine gathers and processes information in order to expose a website to the Internet user. The intermediate level understood the process, but had little to no understanding of how all the facets worked together, in other words, most people involved in the commercial end of web development, specialize on one aspect or another when it comes to optimization. And then there are the true experts, SEO providers that are at the top of their game. What I was able to gather from them is that they never stop learning, just when they thought they knew everything they needed to know; someone comes up with a better way. This is an industry that is constantly evolving, molding and changing to suit the Internet user's need. Road2SEO is just that, it's always evolving, always at the cutting edge of the industry. Everyone has something to learn from this program.

LearnSearch Engine Optimization, Stop Wasting Money on Pay per click

If anyone tells you they know it all, run the other way. SEO, web design, web advertising and even ecommerce are an art. There are certainly technical aspects to the industry, but in order to thrive, and maintain longevity everyone in this industry has to be able to move with the flow. And the Internet user determines the flow. Take a look at the user. When the Internet came to be, it looked as if it was going to be something reserved for the yuppie, technical savvy type that mastered this- OMG secret. Today the Internet has become second nature to most of us. Not necessarily understood by most, but certainly used. Most kids today are practically born with a keyboard on their lap. And the older generation caught took on to it like champs.

Keeping up with demand. Understanding the Internet user's interest. That's where the money is. A Website can have the most revolutionizing concept, yet if not exposed to the market, it just sits there unnoticed. That's where we come in. Imagine the amount of work for those that are planning to use Road2SEO as a means to achieve a career in the field of optimization. For every website attempting to conduct business on the World Wide Web, there's a need for a Search Engine Optimizer. Now that's a lot of optimization. Get ready to work.

For those of you that just want to attract traffic to your own site, Road2SEO will be an invaluable tool. No other investment will match its return. Think about Myspace, or Facebook or even Youtube these are extremely successful websites that actually sell absolutely nothing, and they're racking in the money because of a successful SEO campaign. Once the word got out there was no stopping them. What's stopping you?

Here is your chance to start on the road to success today. With our 7-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It can take a couple of years to go through this process at a local career college. Not to mention the thousands of dollars in student loans you will have before you ever earn a buck. What I love about this program is the get to work today design behind it. Open the chapter that best suit your needs. Advance at your own pace, go back and relearn whatever your weak points are. Your independence starts now. Take advantage of this great opportunity.

I wish I would have had something like this at my fingertips when I was just starting, SEO at a glance. There was nothing out there. The long nights searching online for information on Keyword density or Anchor Text Links, "Where to start?" was all I could ask. Either the explanation was way over my head or I would read through a thousand-word article just to find out they didn't know anymore than I did. And now I'm excited to save you the time, money and frustration I went through with this all-inclusive program.

By now you may have noticed my enthusiasm in sharing this remarkable program with you. Nothing is more discouraging than to see a well thought out web design, with a great business concept that is buried under thousands of websites all competing for the same thing, ranking, traffic and profit. There are key similarity to a business in the real world and a business on the WWW (World Wide Web), for one, location. An entrepreneur must give the location of a business as much, if not more, importance as the product or service he/she is providing.

A business owner needs to also have a clear understanding of the target audience. Who will be interested in the product or service being offered? Once a target audience is established, the location is easier to determine. Example; a shoe store, offering orthopedic relief to the elderly, may not go over very well if the surrounding businesses are geared towards teens and young adults.

When we take this into consideration, we could also see how "like" businesses clustered together, have a way of sustaining each other. Individually, standing alone on any given retail street an establishment may have a harder time attracting traffic. On the other hand, a street lined with similar stores, restaurants, and movie theaters and restaurants share an unspoken cost of advertising. Imagine having a business offering Yoga instruction sitting right next to a vitamin shop or a fresh fruit drink stand, each one plays of the other because they attract similar clients. That same Yoga shop may not do as well next to a beer and pool joint, but a tattoo parlor may get some stumbling business if opened after hours.

The Internet is no different. They have though taken advantage of shared advertising to new level. Something rarely seen in the real world where other "like" business fear loosing potential clients if introduced to a competitor. I touch upon advertising in this article because it is in integrating part of SEO.

If by now you have gone to one of the many sites offering "free" web design templates, you're well aware of the simplicity of the process. The problem is that as much as you master the 1-2-3 simple steps you end up with nothing more than a pretty page. No doubt a major search engine will take that page and post it on the Internet, but you still have nothing. If you don't know how to optimize it.

That is why I know everyone from web designers and Internet marketers to new ecommerce entrepreneurs will walk away with valuable information from Road2SEO.

Guide to SEO, Road2SEO book

Back to those templates. So you have an idea for a website, something you know people will enjoy. Or maybe you're designing a site for an established business for yourself, a friend or a family member. Or maybe you're thinking of starting a career as a web designer and want (need) to optimize that site if you want any traffic to go to it. Road2SEO will teach you how to use content articles and how to use keyword density to attract, first the attention of Search Engines and in-turn potential clients searching online for a particular product or service that matches your site content to the internet users submitted "search words."

Sounds complicated?
It really isn't.

Let's take it one step at a time for those that just type and enter, and have never wondered how it all works. To date, and as with anything that happens online, it's always changing, an internet user sits in front of the computer, and types in the search tab a word or a phrase that describes what they are looking for. As soon as the user hits enter, Search Engines "crawl" through their giant data base for words that match or closely match the words submitted by the user, in hopes to connect them to sites of interest. This is where keyword content and density comes into play, a double edge sward, that can make or break a website.

Currently, the most effective way for a Search Engine to expose a website online is throw the use of words. They are making great strides with video and image, but for the most part it is done through the use of words. There is a balance being demanded by Search Engines from websites to keep the use of content and keyword density to a relevant nature. Nothing is more irritating to an Internet user than to go to a site full of keywords that have no rhyme or reason for being there. One may wonder why a web page would trick users to their site. Why would a website risk getting caught by search engines and ultimately have the site booted of the Internet? Money. I love those one-word answers, simple to the point. How do they make money by doing this? Well, if content and keyword use is what attracts a search engine to a site, then it's not hard to imagine that a site filled with content would gain ranking. When a site is ranked high on a search result, it becomes a valued landing page for high paid advertisers from other sites. In the case of trickery, everyone loses, the advertiser, the Internet user and more importantly the Search Engines.

Clearly, SEO providers have been scrutinized for this practice known in the industry as, Blackhat or spamming. Blackhat tactics may include keyword stuffing, hidden text, links, doorway and blog comment spam just to name a few. These tactics are used by some SEO providers to redirect traffic to a site in a manner that is against the terms and conditions of use of the Search Engines. This is in contrast to the White Hat methods, which do generally comply with the terms of use, stipulated by Search Engines. Of course we will cover all the aspects of SEO tactics keeping in mind that without a sense of respect and quality for the industry, we all lose credibility and trust, and our jobs.

SEO, marketing and web design are joined at the hip. Every part of a well thought out website is linked by its own specialty. A web designer handles everything that attracts the potential client. By choice of color, text, layout and image, a web designer creates a visual candy shop for the client. Target audience determines choice of color, text and layout. It stets a stage for the consumer. Careful attention must be paid to whom the website is directed. If you search out a bike shop, gym or auto parts for example, you will probably not see flower edges or pink trim or calligraphic font. This would most likely be out of place and the male oriented consumer would feel disconnected. In contrast, a wedding planning business would be full of simplicity, flowers and lace, a place where a bride to be, could spend hours roaming through Content! Describing, suggesting, and advising her on her big day.

SEO providers play an intricate role in the contextual part of a good web design. What keywords and phrases would most likely be searched out by would be client looking for a product or service? As an SEO professional, needs to know the resources available to become familiar with a vast pool of target audiences.

Marketing and the SEO provider may be one in the same. Ranking is all the rage in the ecommerce world. And yet what would 1st ranking give you if no one were specifically searching for your product or service? Not much. Let say for example you are selling a unique tool that unplugs a clogged drain, after sitting at a round table with family and friends you all decide on a the name ,Tool a Clog. Okay so I'm not feeling very imaginative, but stay with me, I've seen this happen a multitude of times. Your cousin Tom is great with color and font and knows how to get your website designed and loaded on a search engine; For Free! If that's all you do, the family should rest assure that your Christmas present to them will be a "Tool a Clog" with a fancy red bow on it for years to come.

With my valuable secret, Road2SEO will arm you with the tools you need to get that Tool a Clog advertised on related sites across the WWW (World Wide Web). Odds are Tool a Clog is not going to be typed in the search tab by an internet user, but if your website has related content with proper use of keyword density giving the consumer all they ever needed to know about drains and clogs you will attract search engine recognition and potential clients. SEO can bring traffic to a site; the sale is up to you.

SEO books, 60 day money back guarantee

SEO Book, Order Road2SEO now
Learn SEO, Road2SEO now only

By now you must be convinced of the importance of SEO and the tremendous impact it has on the internet as a whole and ecommerce as a money making instrument. I can't emphasize enough the return you will see on this low cost investment. Whether you're a student looking for a career that will keep you engaged for years to come, or an ecommerce newbie looking for all the available angles to stay ahead of the competition, Road2SEO will become your partner, your mentor.

SEO Guide, This book will cover the following

You have 7 days to try it out, if while searching through the information, categorized for simple use, you find that it's not for you, you get your money back, no questions asked. I'll take that back, the one question I would ask is if there was something we could have done to better ourselves. I live by the motto "Live and learn." If I can learn something from you, I will.

Try doing that at any of the career colleges, once you sign on the dotted line and your indebt up to your eyeballs. This is a hands-on approach, that takes you from the fundamentals of SEO right through to some of the most intricate tactics known in the industry. All at your own pace. Keep your job, stay in school or manage the house and kids, and when you have some quiet time, you come back and pick up where you left off. I don't mind if you're in your pajamas, or sipping on a glass of wine, my goal is to keep you motivated, keep you informed and teach you all you need to know to succeed in this fascinating field.

Learning SEO, feel free to click and buy from amazon

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I was recently asked by a colleague, one of the most successful SEO's in the industry, why I was doing this? Why would I share my knowledge, my secret and experience with anyone who was interested for just a few dollars? He also wondered if I would be flooding the market with SEO providers. I had several answers to the first question. Not that he would understand. Being a great SEO doesn't necessarily make you open-minded. But I took a chance and told him about my trials and tribulations. I explained that at one time in my life there were two road signs in front of me, one said "Cynic" the other said "Faith."

For a long time the road to cynic seemed to be the one most traveled. When you're looking for something that will define you, something that you base your life on, something that will give you a reason for being, it is difficult to understand that it comes with a price. What is the price for your dreams? When you're young and searching for yourself, you're offered x, y and z, for a price.

The promises are endless, so you go for it. You pay, you invest not only money, but also time and the most costly thing you invest, is hope. When it's all said and done, you find out you were sold a bill of goods. Everyone is trying to make a buck, be it a large educational establishments, or Joe Blow at the five and dime. And I'm talking big bucks. For approximately 10 years now there has been a boom in the education for profit business. Career colleges seem to pop-up every day, offering classes on medical biller, medical transcriber, office assistant and even auto mechanics. It use to be that someone, right out of high school, would walk into a doctor's office apply for a job and presto there went your future medical biller, transcriber and office assistant. Life in the working world started off, debt free. Today, young people are coming out of these colleges, with thousands of dollars in student loans, and the job they qualify for is not enough to pay for living expenses.

I wanted to give something of tremendous value for the cost of putting it out there. It took hundreds of hours of manpower to get this program up and running in an effective manner. There were, researchers and testers and writers that needed to be paid, so my investment wasn't cheap. But I believe that I can turn a profit without having to take anyone to the poor house. It's a win, win situation.

The second question the SEO guru had for me was easier to answer. No. I do not believe I will flood the market with SEO experts, because of the variety of Road2SEO users. For every thousand person that buys this program maybe a handful will want to use it as a means to a career. That's the beauty of it. Its diversity gives something of value to everyone. If you have your own online business and need to promote exposure Road2SEO is right for you. If you're interested in becoming a web designer, Road2SEO will give you an advantage that few designers have. If you want to become a professional SEO provider the low cost investment of Road2SEO can answer all your questions about what it takes to function in this industry and get you on your way.

Some of you may be wondering if you're getting what you pay for in this program? Funny, because the term, You get what you pay for, is usually used in a negative manner. This may be the one time that you get more than you paid for. I have a failed business under my belt; believe me, it won't happen again. I have researched all possible angles when it comes to Road2SEO, the pitfalls, the pros and cons and the one thing that I am certain of is it under priced value. No doubt I could be selling this program for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. And against my financial adviser's recommendations, I have opted for, faith. Trust, that word of mouth will get my teachings out there. I will make a lot of money on this venture, and for that I will make no apologies, I will though, thank all of the people that have helped me along the way, without a doubt this has been a team effort.

If you're still leery about purchasing this comprehensive course, I can't blame you, I've been there. Right there where you are, the only thing I can say is that you need to choose a road, mine comes with a money back guarantee. Road2SEO will change your life. I have introduced myself to you. I have exposed my weaknesses and my strengths; it hasn't been an easy journey. My goal here is to make you feel as confident in my program as I am. The Internet has become second nature to most of us by now, but with it has come a certain distance that makes it hard to differentiate humans from robots. I know I'm talking with a talking, breathing, and hopeful individual looking for something I have to offer. I believe that myself introduction is as important as the product I'm selling in order for you to feel that this not just another gimmick. Without your trust, we both loose.

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The secret I expose through this revolutionary SEO program is the simplicity of this highly sophisticated, technical world we know as the World Wide Web. Once you submerge yourself into the depth of this intriguing field, I can assure you it will be hard to come up for air. You will never look at the Internet in the same way. If not for some of the more social networking sites, little importance is paid to the sites we visit. The internet has created some major conveniences for the population as a whole, for example, in the world of commerce people are banking, investing, paying bills, shopping, just to name a few in a multitude of things being accomplished from the comfort of home. As a more personal tool, the Internet has flourished as a means for socializing and networking. And still, one could say that the Internet is at its infancy.

There is so much more that is being done right now to improve its use and so much more that will be done. I hope you will become a part of this vastly growing field. Don't let another opportunity pass you by. The Road2SEO can liberate your life, can lead you into another career, and can give you the knowledge you will certainly need to advance in this ever-growing field.

The Internet and ecommerce is here to stay and grow, everyday people are finding a way to cash in on this cash cow. Just today I read an article online talking about a few websites that translate abbreviations used in text messaging. That's the beauty of this cyber world. You can sell anything; you can make money and not sell anything at all. You can carry an inventory or not. You can start a business today, with zero investment. And with the information I will share with on Road2SEO, you will have all the tools you need to make that online business a success. You will have an edge over all those other people trying to cash in with great ideas but no idea on what it takes to become a popular, traffic gearing, high ranking, and successful site.

Let me take a moment to welcome you to Road2SEO. I have no doubt you will enjoy the process of learning and mastering this skills that will lead you through the intricate world of Search Engine Optimization. Feel free to hang around a while, ask questions and don't forget to check out our competition. See what they are offering, how much they charge and what makes us standout from the rest. They truly make us a success.

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